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Business Process Redesigning                                                          Go to up
Softx Technologies helps executives and managers adapt to new realities and derive success from dynamic change. We provide a range of services form strategic planning to process and data modeling to information systems design and development. Benchmarking and business case analysis show the benefits of prospective redesign; change management ensures the planned benefits becomes real.
Software Development Go to up
Software development and integration are central to most information systems projects. Softx Technologies specializes in consulting services for any software development life cycle environment. Our consultant’s focus is on delivering effective software systems to businesses that are committed to any designing and developing tools. We will also prove support for the end users of the software.Softx Technologies offers a complete line of object-oriented development services and technology advantages for windows-centric solutions including project management, development, testing and software support.
Database Development Go to up
Stores of data and information can be the most important assets of an enterprise. Our highly skilled professionals have extensive experiences in system design and development using Oracle, Sybase, DB2, SQL Server, and Informix. We increase the value of large-scale databases through our expertise in data modeling, database and data warehouse design and implementation, and database administration.

Globalization & Information Revolution Go to up
Information technology has transformed the way our world works.It has created a global village through networks of research and development, technology, finance, production and consumption. The expansion of the IT industry has created a research and development industry that is truly global in nature.

Software Quality Assurance Go to up
Softx Technologies has extensive experience in Software Quality assurance. Quality assurance team can evaluate the test application manually or by using the automated test tools like Win runner, Rational Robot and Silk. Softx Technologies has a defined QA Process. Our expertise in QA testing is leading us to our customer satisfaction.

Innovative Skills & Approaches Go to up
Electronic Commerce and Internet Technologies: This is an emerging line of consulting business for us. Even though these technologies have been relatively new, the growth in user of these technologies have been relatively new, the growth in use of these technologies has caught everyone off-guard. We can provide consultants with skills in .Net, Java, VB, HTML, XML, VRML, Web-Hosting, Setting up of Web-based Storefronts with Order Processing Capabilities, and Customer Service Facilities through integrated web, e-mail and telephone technologies.

Web Site Development Go to up
Attractive presentation, easy navigation and personalization is the key to good website design. At Softx Technologies we have mastered the art of creating attractive front-ends to enable your browsing customer to get what he wants in short time without being overwhelmed by a huge plethora of data. Our expertise in graphic design, our strong hold in programming and our belief in giving functionality has helped us build powerful tools which not only help you bring out your brand identity powerfully, but also provide important information quickly

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