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Softx offers a wide and complete set of products and technology solutions that meet the needs of various businesses and institutions. For this purpose Softx established strategic alliances and partnerships with leading software developers. The result: comprehensive and endless solutions.
Hotel Management System
  Hotel management system – which helps the every moment functions in the hotels from end to top with simple user interface. At a glance we get an idea of our facilities that are available at present in our hotel which reduces time to reach your service to the customer. It is also providing all the security measures that give u good in performance
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Restaurant Management System
  Restaurant Management System - with simple user interface that a novice user can easily use the system with in days –that includes all normal functionalities of a hotel ,in addition it composite information that need the top level management for analysis and planning. The system has given necessary security measures that administrator can control over.
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Food Court Management System
General Features
Security and Access Control:

The authorised personnel would have access right. All Privileged members will be given a user account with user-level access-rights. Access to some of the screens and its functions can be restricted if required by management.

Access to data will be restricted through login mechanisms. Following programs may be provided for security purpose:
• User login screen (for all access controls)
• Change password screen (for all access controls)
• User master maintenance screen (to be used for creating/deleting member accounts and giving necessary privileges by administrators).

Special User Friendliness:

The system user interfaces will be designed and developed with special attention to user friendliness of the software to enhance the productivity of the users.

Easy accessibility:

Easy accessibility will allow user to access core information faster to give better service. Such features will also allow system to give access to management information easier to make decisions faster.

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