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Product Development & outsourcing
Softx offers start-to-finish product development and support services under its success-proven offshore methodology. Softx is geared-up to take complete ownership of its clients’ product development needs through the complete lifecycle—including the requirements analysis activities.

What is Product Development Outsourcing?

Product development outsourcing, if rightly done, accelerates the development of Software products. It aims to reduce time-to-market and helps in scheduling more predictably. Softx offers complete product lifecycle solutions in extension to its client's own engineering/product development team(s).

When is It Needed?

Product Development outsourcing has now surpassed the realms of imagination and stepped in to real-time solutions. For practical reasons like reducing costs, boosting bottom line and saving time for core activities, product development outsourcing has made product companies attentive towards its upcoming trends. Here is a list of factors that briefly describe the common situations in which companies look out for outsourcing their product development.
Need to extend teams on temporary basis
Need for the expertise the company does not have
Focus on strategic priorities, such as next generation products
Need to outsource the core development activities to let the internal team(s) concentrate on other activities, such as project management, requirements analysis, QA, and Testing
Desire to incorporate standard practices or fresh approach in the processes of product development
Need to extend products to new technology platforms
Reduce product development costs through offshore development
Lessen the time-to-market for your products

Product Development Outsourcing Concerns

Despite the evincing benefits of product development outsourcing, there has been a hiatus in companies willing to outsource. And, that hiatus is well justified. There are companies, in great numbers, who provide both—Software solutions as well as Product Development services. Although the mechanics of both these streams remain very much the constants, the two are quite different in some respects. New product development spans over several different disciplines and skill sets. Product engineering is very much a dynamic discipline; it evolves as business models evolve.

Software product development has to follow a highly flexible and extensible design. It is difficult to ascertain what functionality and technology will be in vogue in future. The requirements continue to change. Timelines are derived from the time-to-market factor. The development schedules have to be very flexible to accommodate business needs evolving over time. On the whole, if you do not have the governing user-laid terms and timelines as the tightrope here, you have a rather difficult walk; through the slackened rope.

The Softx Edge

Softx’s philosophy of involving its clients in the application development process results in a much higher success percentage, as Softx is a firm believer of the concept that clients best know their respective business needs.

Softx’s flexible application development approach across multiple technologies and industry domains gives its clients a lot of room for maneuverability. Softx realizes the challenges companies face when they look for a partner for product development outsourcing. From this, Softx has molded its corporate and development setup in such way that constantly strengthens its ways to serve better. Softx offers:

Talent Pool

An in-house pool of resources; experienced in multiple technology and industry domains, with a HR/ Recruitment capability to recruit and induct new skills on an accelerated basis.

Effective Project Management

Softx offers the flexibility of managing the outsourced projects itself or can work with its clients’ Project Management team/s, which ever the Project Management might be, clients are always involved and informed of the ‘true’ project status. Softx leverages industry-standard benchmarks and processes to manage offshore development projects along with tools like MS Project, Project Central Server, Share Point Portal Server, Configuration Management Tools, Version Control, Automated Testing Tools, etc.

Flexible Pricing Options

Softx’s pricing policies are flexible to offer its clients multiple models, depending upon the nature of the project and clients’ requirements. Be it hourly rates, Time & Material (T&M) or Fixed Bid, the pricing policy is governed by the concept of total transparency.

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