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Hotel Management System

The given below are some of the key features….

1. Occupancy at Glance– It shows all the rooms in the hotel. It distinguishes the occupied rooms, vacant rooms, reserved rooms in a single shot. It also displays the expected departures of occupied rooms and current reservations.

2. Check-In - It records the Guest Details and the room details the guest occupied. If extra persons are there then user can enter the same and it will be accounted in the bill.Any number of rooms guest can Checkin.For foreigners C Form will prepare by the software.

3. Check-Out – The guest occupied the room checkout through this form. Keep track of all the check-outs done and generates the bill with all additional expenses. The bill is of the format which is approved by the Govt. Also the user can keep the bill in pending if the customer is paying the bill later.

4. Reservations –A customer can reserve the rooms for a date. System keeps the details regarding the reservation. The details will get from ‘Occupancy at Glance’. Reservation could be room wise or not.

5. Room Transfer – It transfers the guest from one room to another. At the time of Check-out, the bill comes for each different room. Also the user can view the transferred bill after the transfer.
6. Extra Bed – If extra person is there in the room, the user can add extra person for the room and that will be displayed at the time of check-out.

7. Guest Expense Entry – User can enter the Expenses of the guest and take the guest expense bill separately. Laundry charge, Food Bill, Internet Usage etc are categorized to this division.

8. Reminder – User can enter the reminders given by the Guest or top management. The Reminders will flash on the Open form according to the time given by the user.

9. Locker –User can keeps the valuable items in locker. System keeps the details of the stuff kept in the locker and keeps the identification of the owner.

10. Extra Printouts – At any time the user can take the extra print outs of Bills, GRC, CForm, Advance Receipt, Guest Expense and Locker Receipt

11. User Management – Each user has own privilege to use the system. The administrator can control each user’s privileges by setting user privileges

12. Backup Database- Administrator can take the backup of the database

13. Extra Measures-For every transaction, system keep track of details of the user it operated.So software can findout who has entered one bill or advance etc. System also gives the report of modified & deleted check in and check out


1. Sales Report –

i. Sales Detail Report-Gives the sum of the sale for a day or a month or year. System gives the sales report payment mode wise also.
ii. Payment Mode Wise Sales Report

2. Advance Report –

i. Advance Detail Report-Gives details of advance collected for a single day or a period.
ii. Customer Wise Advance Detail Report-Details of how much advance collected for a particular customer
iii. Room Wise Advance Details

3. Accounts Report

i. Closing Report – This Report gives the cash balance of the day
ii. Accounts Report- This Report will help you for the internal accounting
iii. Form II- This print is for Luxury Tax purpose

4. Check In Report

i. Check In Details –This gives details about Check In for a period.
ii. C Form Details-For foreign clients
iii. Room wise Check In Details-–This gives details about Check In room wise
iv. Customer Wise Check In Details- This gives details about Check In customer wise

5. Check-Out Report

i. Check Out Details- This gives details about Check Out for a period.
ii. Room Wise Check Out Details- This gives details about Check In room wise
iii. Customer Wise Check Out Details- This gives details about Check In customer wise

6. Room Transfer

i. Room Transfer details-This report gives detail about room transfer

7. Locker

i. Locker Details
ii. Employee wise locker Details
iii. Locker Item Search

8. Extra Bed

i. Extra Bed Given Details
ii. Check In Wise Extra bed Details
iii. Room Wise Extra Bed Details

9. Guest Expense Report

i. Guest Expense details
ii. Check In Wise Guest Expense Details
iii. Room Wise Guest Expense Details

10. Reservation Report-

This will give the detail about the reservations done for a particular period.

11. Rooms Report

12. Guest Report

13. Room Status Report

14. Visitors History Report

MIS Reports

15. Advance Report-The system maintain modified ,deleted and cancelled advances for top management verification

16. Check In Report- The system maintain modified ,deleted and cancelled Check In’s for top management verification

17. Checkout Report- The system maintain modified ,deleted and cancelled Check Out’s for top management verification

18. Tax Collected Report

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