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At Softx , we work hard at understanding the special situation and set of needs every client brings to a project. This understanding allows us to communicate more effectively, resulting in better work.

A long client list is not that important to us. What's more important is the relationship we have with each client on the list. We prefer lasting relationships that allow us to build something together that not only works for the short-term, but through collaboration and measurement, will work for years to come.

Take a few minutes to explore a couple of our client and see for yourself how this philosophy has helped us deliver.

1 PIT Stop Food Court, Garuda Mall, Bangalore 2 Roo19 Food Cout , ITPL, Bangalore
3 Belen Exports, Netherlands 4 The Paramount Group of Hotels, Bangalore
5 Empire Group of Hotels, Bangalore 6 Hotel Imperial, Bangalore
7 Ring View Restaurant, Bangalore 8 Barbeque,Garuda Mall, Bangalore
9 Lake Bazaar Super Market, Bangalore 10 Fork & Spoon Restaurant, ITPL, Bnagalore
11 Ebony, Bangalore 12 Salem Kitchen, Garuda Mall, Bangalore
13 Beijing Express, Garuda Mall,Bangalore 14 My Tea House, Bangalore
15 Mascot Restaurant, Residency Road, Bangalore 16 Casino Hotel, Bangalore
17 Edakkal Hermitage, Vayanad, Kerala 18 Fisher Electronics, Thrissur, Kerala
19 Dolphin Gum, Cochin 20 Eco Tech, Bangalore
21 Ashwini Hospital, Bijapur 22 Nippon Paints
23 Standard Plywood, Bangalore 24 Olives, Bangalore
25 American Corner, Bangalore 26 Mors Marketing, Bangalore
27 Mors Suppliers, Bangalore 28 A&Q Inc, Bangalore
29 Paramount IT Services, Bangalore 30 Optima Solutions, Bangalore
31 Periyar Chemicals, Cochin 32 Online Net Lab, Bangalore
33 Unique Plywood 34 IT Partners, Cochin
35 Aiwas Restaurant, Bangalore 36 Choice Restaurant, Ottappalam
37 Veg Shop, Bangalore 38 Marmalade, Bangalore
39 Sprat, Bangalore 40 Essae Technologies Private Limited, Bangalore
41 Hot N Spice, Bangalore 42 Selma Stores, Cochin
43 HCL Infosystems LTD, Banaglore 44 Safa Honey, Bangalore
45 Taravadu Restaurant, Bangalore 46 Ruchi Sagar, Bangalore
47 Green Chilly, Bangalore 48 Curry N Kabab, Bangalore
49 Bejing Bites, Bangalore 50 Tiger Carze, Bangalore
51 Tiger Bay, Bangalore 52 Pizza Corner, Bangalore
53 Fruit Punch, Bangalore 54 Shiv Sagar, Bangalore
55 Roll Over Café, Bangalore 56 Veg By Nature, Bangalore
57 Flavours, Bangalore 58 J Bar, Bangalore
59 Mr.cane, Banglore 58 Cafe Junction,Banglore
       And the list goes on………………………… 
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