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Restaurant Management System
The facilities included in full version is

Sales Management

o Order Billing
o Counter Billing
o Parcel Billing
o Daily Production Entry
o Home Delivery
o Home Delivery Updation
o Order/Cancel with KOT
o Payment Mode changes


o Item Wise Sales
o Item Wise Total Sales
o Item Group Wise Sales
o Waiter Wise Sale
o Waiter – Bill Wise Sales
o Waiter Item Wise Total Sales
o Table wise Sales
o Table- Bill wise Sales
o Table-Item wise Total Sales
o Section Wise Sales
o Section Wise- Waiter- Item Wise Sales
o Employee Wise Sale
o Counter Wise Total Sale
o Daily Sales
o Monthly Sale
o Cancelled Bill Report
o Sales register
o Daily Sales Bill
o Payment Mode Wise Sales Register
o Daily Production Report
o User Wise with Payment Mode Wise Sales
o Month Calendar
o Week Calendar
o Modified Bill Report
o Order Report
o Cancelled Order Report
o Waiter Wise Cancelled Order Report
o Item Wise Cancelled Order Report
o Item Wise Order – Cancelled – Billed Report
o Waiter Wise Order – Cancelled – Billed Report
o All Master Files

2.Inventory Management

o Item Master with Ingredients
o Receipts (Purchase)
o Purchase Order
o Purchase Return
o Issue
o Issue Order
o Issue Return
o Production Entry
o Staff Consumption
o Item Wastage Entry
o Raw material Wastage
o Cutlery Check


o Raw material stock
o Cutlery stock
o Staff Consumption
o Item With Rate
o Item with Ingredients
o Issue Register
o Issue Item Wise register
o Issue Type Wise Register
o Issue To Wise Register
o Issue Order Register
o Issue Order Item Wise Register
o Issue Order Type Wise Register
o Issue Order To Wise Register
o Issue Return Register
o Issue Return –Item Wise
o Issue Return – Type Wise
o Issue Return – To Wise
o Purchase Register
o Purchase Register – summary report
o Purhcase Register – Detailed report
o Item Wise Purchase
o Vendor Wise Purchase
o Actual Qty of Raw Material Used
o Raw Material Wastage Report
o Item Wastage Report
o All Master Files


o Employee Details
o Attendance Entry
o Wages Entry
o Pay Slip
? Payslip Details
? Wage-slip Details
? Wage-slip Statement
? Credit Statement
? Credit Summary
? All master Reports


o Payment Voucher
o Receipt Voucher
o Night Audit


o Voucher Report
o Party Wise Voucher
o Bank Wise Voucher
o Cancelled Voucher
o Modified Voucher
o Payment Mode Wise
o Category Wise
o Account Name Wise
o User Wise
o User Wise with Payment mode
o Daily Night Audit
o Monthly Night Audit
o Night Audit - Today


o Waiter wise / Table Wise order entry
o Customised Greetings to be printed on the bill
o Supports for running and pending orders
o Support section wise rate
o Provision for cancel bill
o Provision for cancel Bill
o Dos Printing for bill
o Admin Reports


o Calculator
o Notepad
o Printer Setting
o Server Settings
o Counter Setting


o User management for security
o Back Up
o Change Password
o Bill Header and Footer settings
o General Settings

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